Why you feel sleepy after a sufficient 6-7 hrs ) good night sleep!

It’s not always how long you sleep, sometimes it’s about the quality of sleep and when exactly you wake up, Or to be more specific in which sleep phase!

Sleep in medical science is broadly divided into two phases

  1. NREM(non rapid eye movement)
  2. REM (rapid eye movement)

Now NREM is further divided into N1,N2,N3. Together NREM+REM takes approximately 90minutes in adults though varies in different age groups.

During the total sleep awake cycle (Circadian Rhythms ) there are four kind of Electroencephalography waves generated in our brain

  • Alpha wave
  • Beta wave
  • Delta wave
  • Theta wave
  1. Beta is seen when we are awake and again at REM. It’s fascinating how our brain is so active during REM , arguably the deep sleep phase, also dreams and nightmares are mostly seen in this phase.
  2. Alpha, at the beginning of sleep, when we are lying awake eyes closed, also in N1.
  3. Theta, usually seen in N2 as we progress to more deep in sleep
  4. Delta, in N3

There are not lined demarcation and waves as well as sleep phases and they do overlap. For the best quality of sleep or should I say to wake up refresh a person usually needs N1,N2,N3,REM in exact sequential order .also four to six of such cycle is needed in daily basis preferably at one go.

Now here is the tricky part, considering you are sleeping 6hours straight without any waking up , the duration of REM will increase in every 90minute cycle, and the best time to wake up is during the transition phase from REM to N1. Waking up at any other sleep phase will leave you feeling tired and sloppy to some extent, mostly if it’s during REM phase itself!

So, I’ll suggest wake up in accordance with REM cycle, there are multiple online calculators available for that, also no tea/coffee before bedtime, limit intake of any caffeinated product or nicotins or any addictive substance atleast 3_4 hours before going to sleep. Have a light dinner , relax yourself as much as possible , and hola! You just earned yourself a goodnight sleep.

All the best.


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  4. The 4 different stages of sleep (NREM Stages 1-2-3, REM Sleep)

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