How to crack a seat in medical ug entrance

Hard work

Smart study

Unsettling determination

Allow me to elaborate the second point, as I believe anyone appearing for NEET ,AIIMS and Other Entrancexams at Ug Level. Have idea about first and third point.

Smart study:- what is it?

As someone have already pointed out in the answer section selection in NEET PG is less than 1%! so it is very important to sort out in which subject you are strong and in which points you are weak and to focus on them separately so if you are having a study schedule of 12 hours solid everyday, at least 6 hours should be focused on your weak points, where your concepts are not strong! 2 hours for revision and the rest of the time to strengthen your strong subjects. Also along with it you need to check yourself frequently with the ever changing question patterns of neet; it will be very helpful if you enroll for a mock test or schedule a mock test on your own at home. It is not necessary to always join Kota or other coaching institutes but it is obviously necessary to reach out your weak points and to provide your hard work where it is needed most, that is to strengthen your weak areas, where you make repetitive mistakes, when you first appear for mock test your scores maybe as low as 20% or lower, but it is up to you how you are going to use one full Year’s preparation to make that 20% into more than 98% score ! Only then if your dreams keep you awake only then you will achieve what you deserve!

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