What to prioritize:food habit or exercise

Well the answer is a bit difficult as food habits and exercise both go hand in hand in controlling the BMI and all round growth- development of a child. Exact Healthy bmi is not achievable without proper food habit and outdoor activities.

Now let’s take a look that what exactly consists of a balanced diet specially of a growing child, as we all know nutritional requirements of a growing male and female child is widely different, not to mention the variety among pre pubescence and puberty age group.

with the advancement of our Modern era the habit of outdoor games has almost diminished, videogame, PC games, Android games, Internet surfing, playing in tablet has replaced the need to go out of the bedroom and play in the soil and dirt. No! it has not improved our quality of life rather it has decreased the much needed interaction of children with outside organisms required to build the very basis of immunity making them more vulnerable to certain pathogens.

Health consequence:-Thus now a days children are more and more susceptible to infectious diseases and also their sedentary Lifestyle, from the very beginning of their life, causing them to be prone to non infectious diseases too. If we look at a chart of how the number of young population affected by diabetes , CAD , hypertension has increased exponentially it will made us think that what exactly is the cause of such misery!

the answer is known, it is basically a result of increased lifestyle stress!coronary artery diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, diseases related to lipids metabolism ,infertility,hypertension.Interestingly, most of the causes are rooted in the childhood itself . It is a lack of parental guidance on what food to eat and not what is easily available or to let the children go out and play under the sun rather than just sit at home and play in the damn phone . It is also worth mentioning that this increased body fat causes a variety of endocrinological problem and exposes a child to various disease process.apart from the consequences we already discussed females face an array of gender specific disorders, for example~metromenorrhagia, anovulation, metabolic syndrome, PCOD and not to mention infertility

psychological consequences:- children unwittingly become victim of bulimia ,anorexia nervosa,some develop bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, suicidal tendencies.


Not just diet or exercise alone, rather a healthy and improved approach towards food and combined with properly guided exercise is the best measure to fight the dreaded consequences of childhood obesity, which should be started early in the childhood.

School health programs are immensely important as a holistic approach through schools can actually give an all-round idea about students’ physical and psychological status as well as nutritional assessment and help us secure our citizens of tomorrow.

(Image source : downloaded from imagesearch app. All credit goes to developers, used here for educational purposes, no copyright infringement intended)


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