Have you blocked other paths to walk on your own to achieve your dream?

Yes I have.

And I believe there are several fellow medicoes who have/had done the same in past.

  • During undergrad – I had a keen knack for storybooks, so much was of an avid reader. Blocked. Had a sharp love for painting, blocked. Stopped singing as I kept lying to myself that I lacked time, stopped dancing as I moved to a new city for college.

Yes, those were sort of disappointing sacrifices I would say I was forced to implement as I took a bit longer time to understand new concepts and in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees there are plenty.

What I’ll say qualify as blocking other paths to achieve my goal is my current lifestyle.

I am currently preparing for NEET 2017 medical entrance examination, which is going to be first of its kind in India.

Am I stressed?yes!

What paths exactly I blocked? Well a few to mention including

  1. Financial security- parents were more on get married and/or take up a government job, in fact I was counselled to take up whatever brunch I get in last AIPGMEE . I refused, took up the challenge, got myself junior residency, yes stipend is less compared to a job but leaves me plenty of time to study, attend coaching classes, most importantly to work towards my dream brunch of choice. But yes am on my own and it does get hard at times.
  2. Emotional security- not to mention the previous point has already explained how my relationship with parents are screwed.
  3. Friends- here comes the big thing. Medical school is so exhausting we hardly get time to make friends that is also not too many, and even now they are also preparing:-| friendship with non medico Friends are already screwed by the time we reach final year as inevitably all of their marriage, birthday or any kind of celebration clashes with our ever gruelling exams.
  4. Social gathering – no we don’t have any that is also in this AIPGMEE Preparation phase! That leaves us a socially recluse, awkward person who is normal on the outside and panicked inside. All the time the one thing running through mind “did I messed up that topic! Oh what was the mechanism of action of that drug! How do I interpret ecg?” And all kind of unsocial stuff!

So yes, I blocked these paths, made myself reserved only and only to achieve what I dream!


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