Maths and Medicine

​Can mathematics save someone’s life?

Yes, it can. Literally.

Body fluids drains out very rapidly after extensive burns. The lost fluid must be re-introduced in the form of Intra venous Infusion. Now the rate at which fluid to be given has to be calculated. Most commonly used formula(parkland formula).

The Parkland formula is mathematically expressed as:


where m=mass is in kilograms (kg), A=area as a percentage of total body surface area, and V=volume in milliliters (mL). For example, a person weighing 50 kg with burns to 20% of his or her body surface area would require 4 x 50 x 20 = 4,000 mL of fluid replacement within 24 hours. The first half of this amount is delivered within 8 hours from the burn incident, and the remaining fluid is delivered in the next 16 hours.


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