Hardship, insomnia during residency~ life of a medico

Before commenting about whether lack of sleep actually causes any impairment of judgment or not, it surely does hamper the young intern’s health in the longest way possible, cause this is not a matter of one day or two, this over scheduling continues in residency, fellowship, post graduation, super speciality! Everywhere , so we can say these habits interns count as building blocks or rather foundation to their long term stressful, over worked, disempathetic lifestyle.

The biggest irony is that credits are not counted as how many lives saved, how many right decisions changed the outcome of prognosis , neither in terms how many decisions were made under duress , doesn’t matter if you save 9out of 10 lives, the one you couldn’t will be accounted, tried and tested against you!

So, dear OP, I beg your pardon if I fail to quench your brilliant enquiry about the statistical data how much human is actually a doctor, or if an intern is allowed to do mistakes under the clause sleep deprivation, the answer is a single NO.

Doesn’t matter how much sleep deprived an intern is, there’s a hierchy system in our health care, the consultant decides the protocol even in emergency! He is usually a person well experienced and knowledgeable enough. Can’t he go wrong? ( If you actually consider him human, then to err is human) but then he is surrounded by atleast 6_10 people, including unit heads, senior residents, residential medical officer, emergency medical officer, resident trainee doctors, all of them or any of them might oppose if anything they found not tailored to patient’s need.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the overworking part! You see we do want to have an 8hour schedule, to eat, sleep, work 8 hours and repeat! And obviously to socialize. Some of us does! Some lucky of us get opd jobs, but most are unlucky and end up having emergency duties! And well what can I say, if we protest about it we are tagged as inhumane sociopaths! If we do not protest about it such questions are posted in social media, some think we work more for earning more that is not the case in government set up, not in my state. Health care is free here, duty load is more as patients to doctor ratio is ever increasing…spouses and significant other halves don’t understand it, they think we are sociopaths cause not protesting against overwork!

Actually I think it takes greater motivation to protest after such rigorous working schedule, very few understand that, most of the people who has not undergone it usually are happy with statistical data showing intern’s faults due to overwork!

Yes , most interns take it positively (as if we are given options!) It’s time others start to accept the truth and start protesting about producing eligible, apt , doctors who are not overworked. Only then a quality health care can be provided to all!(irrespective of any bias)


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