Lonely..In the rain!

​~ written by Ms Bhardwaj.

It is raining.

I am sitting in a cab. Safe. Dry.

Going home after a hefty day at work.

Feeling lucky. I could find a cab.

We pause at a signal. Me and the cab.

Drops are winding down its panes.

Windows are slightly fogged.

I remember drawing a heart with my finger.

And an arrow struck through it.

Through the cleared glass, I see a bike.

A boy, in a Yellow Tee and drenched denims, rides it.

Not bowing once to the heavy downpour.

He sits steady. Head held high. As if not for himself.

Behind him, snuggled, sits a young girl.

I couldn’t see her face.

For her face is hidden in the nape of his neck.

Somehow protected from the rain.

He sits upright, so that she could save herself better.

She holds him tight, with her arms around his chest and waist.

One on chest, other on waist.


She is holding something.

She holds a big polythene sheet, in front of his chest.

While he shields her from rain, she covers him with an impermeable layer.

How much they would be helping each other, I don’t know.

For they both were drenched.

I know this but… they both wanted to protect each other.

That proximity, That togetherness, That bond

Made me feel…

I want to be on that bike. Right now.

With a person like him.

Protecting him being her.

Being protected by him being someone.

~ My Most Difficult Time Being Single ~