My stint with Dengue (part 1)

Hi all,

As you already know I am a doctor, so this time I was sick . No not just 104 F temperature I mean, I was sick to an extent of life and death and am glad that I made out alive.

So how the healer needed healing? Yes like you I also believe that I picked up the infection of dengue from ward. For those who do not know my workplace is a government medical college which is particularly a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Yes, that’s the view.

And while the fight among government agencies and college authorities on the ground of cleaning and hygiene of college, well this is the site.

So , back to the story as a careless fella to own health as I am, I asked my parents to take me to home only when things gone out of my hand, platelet went down to 26k, fever was not at all coming down under 102 ( I was given oral paracetamol 650) , with shivering and peripheral cyanosis and even in that condition I refused to visit physician, self medicated and went unconscious for a considerable time.